Christmas Gifts for Gym Bunnies


Don’t get us wrong, we love Christmas but buying gifts for friends and family can be stressful (and expensive)

And it’s even tougher in 2020 with social distancing measures in place and many non-essential retailers closed.  Shopping online has its advantages but without being able to browse and pick-up physical products, it can be harder to generate ideas for thoughtful Christmas presents.

So, what happens if you’re shopping for fitness fans?

You may have friends that enjoy working out but who are unable or unwilling to go to the gym right now. Perhaps someone you know only started exercising during the first lockdown but is now a total convert. Gifts that tap into a person’s passion for fitness are sure to put a smile on their faces this Christmas and we wanted to show you some of the products we have in the GymHugz store that we think you’ll love.

We’ve expanded the range over the summer so there’s more than just moisture-resistant headphone covers to pick from.  And you don’t have to be shopping for someone else – treat yourself!

Christmas Gifts for Gym Bunnies #1 Headphone Covers



Moisture-resistant headphone covers help protect headphones from sweat and stains.

You simply add them to the cushions and you’re good-to-go.

Loved by athletes, influencers, gym rats and gym bunnies (as well as by gamers, commuters and everyone in between), they represent a practical and useful gift that can help prolong the life of on-ear and over-ear headphones.  There’s a wide range of designs to pick from and most can be ordered in regular and large sizes (check out our sizing guide if you’re unsure which to pick).


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Xmas Gifts for Gym Fans #2 – Sports Socks

GymHugz white socks

What would Christmas be without unwrapping socks?  The difference with these, however, is that they’re designed for the gym: breathable, washable and durable with arch compression for added support.

These high ankle socks in black or white look great pulled up over trainers, sneakers and athletic wear.  They’re clean and crisp and can be purchased individually or in a three-pack.  You can also choose for a subtle colour design, too.  We sell a range of tie-dye socks to match your gym kit or worn for a gentle splash of colour.

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Christmas Presents for Gym Goers #3 Headbands



We love the retro-vibe of wearing a headband for a workout. You can keep hair out of your face when exercising and reduce the amount of sweat on your head.  Made from the same Max-Dri material as our headphone covers, these headbands are also bacteria and make-up resistant, too.  You can pick from 5 different colours which you can also match with our sports socks.  Buying both makes for a fab bundle that any gym bunny would be over-the-moon to unwrap on Christmas.

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Christmas Gifts for Gym Bunnies #4 Weights & Accessories


COVID has played havoc with gyms being able to open as normal.  And it’s tough if you’re trying to strength train from home without the correct equipment.  GymHugz sells a range of at-home gym equipment that includes Olympic barbells, dumbbells, weight plates and more.

Having your set-up at home is a good idea regardless of whether gyms are COVID-affected or not because it offers flexibility (work out when you want to) and convenience.  If you don’t have the space for the bigger or heavier equipment, then you can create an effective workout from gym accessories: things like resistance bands and skipping ropes can pack a real punch without taking up much room in your home.


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Christmas Presents for Gym Fans #5 EarSnugz


Of course, you don’t have to shop for in-gym products just because someone is a gym bunny.  If you know someone who wears headphones outside – perhaps walking to work, school or for hobbies or necessity, you can buy a pair of fluffy headphone covers. They’re not sweat-resistant like the ones listed earlier but they’re solely designed to keep your ears nice and snug throughout any cold snaps.  Made from super soft furry fabric these look great and turn any headphone into musical earmuffs!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for Christmas gifts for gym bunnies. Don’t forget to follow GymHugz on Instagram for competitions, exclusive content and a closer look at the different collections.