Heavy Duty Squat Rack & Bench Press Power Stands

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The Squat Rack 2000 is everything you need for a successful gym session and is extremely space saving and accommodating for a flexible home gym set up and storage optimisation.

Squat Rack 2000 provides innovative and flexible solution for home weight trainers. They allow for the spotter width to be adapted to suit any bar length and with adjustable height from 90cm-185cm.

Squat Rack 2000 allow you to place your weights / bars at the bottom for easy storage. 

Get your compound movements going with the Squat rack 2000, adjustable to become a bench press stand too! 

This stable and solid squat and dip rack can hold up to 250kg more than enough for any home user. The Rack also offers a dipping station facility in which the height and width parameters can be adjusted to suit any user.

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