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What are earhugz?

Designed for gym goers, by gym goers.

EarHugz® are the ultimate solution to sweat, bacteria and smell issues with headsets. We've got you covered.

EarHugz® Ultra-Stretch, MAX-DRI™ + Machine Washable fabric means you don't have to worry about nasty bacteria build up, makeup stains, spots or ear-infections. Your sweat will be wicked away from your headphones' fragile electronic components and into the absorbent fabric; where it dries quickly.

Armed with a set of EarHugz®, your headphones will become your best friend again.

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Earhugz Family

Check out our film! We made it to demonstrate, no matter what type of athlete you are, EarHugz will have you covered.  

We've Got You Covered, Literally 👌

All EarHugz® are completely compatible with both Wireless AND Wired headphones! Our discreet cable cut out allows you to plug in your jack or charger leads, no problem!

Yep... Fully Reversible 😏

We get it, sometimes you've had a bad day, heck... that's why we train right?! On these days you might not be feeling all the bright colour bursts in our range, which is why we made every pair fully reversible. Simply flip em and grip em, and you're all set with a subtle neutral colour underneath.

Oh what's that, you say? We've thought of everything?

 This ain't our first rodeo!

One size fits most

EarHugz® Patented Covers Fit:
Beats Full Range ✅
Bose Full Range ✅
Sony Full Range ✅
Philips Full Range ✅
and many many more...

👉 View the range now or check our sizing guide to confirm that they'll fit your headphones.

Earhugz gaming

Sweating during those competitive e-sports rounds? Headsets one clutch victory away from being ruined? EarHugz are proud to announce we are working on a new range for all your gaming needs!

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Athlete testimony

Megan Shurmer


Style of EarHugz:
Blue Marble


"They do the job Perfectly!"

Brandon Harding


Style of EarHugz:


"Never workout without these!"

Troy hemus


Style of EarHugz:


"Days without having to buy new headphones: 213
Days since i bought my EarHugz: 213"

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