Aluminium Skipping Rope

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No matter where you are, you can always take a skipping rope with you. 

Skipping is a great way to do a full-body warmup, it's even great for toning up your legs and glutes. No wonder why boxers always start with skipping!

Next time you work out, why not try 5 minutes of skipping?

What's included:

1 adjustable skipping rope

How to adjust:

  • Hold the rope out and stand in the middle of it 

  • Hold the rope out to your sides using the handles 

  • Pull the rope so it reaches your armpits
  • Adjust the length to ensure it is no longer than your armpits, by unscrewing the bolt by the handles. Pull the rope and then adjust accordingly. 

How to use:

You don't just have to do your standard two feet jump, get creative!

Try double jumps or crisscrossing!